Rolex log series at the Basel Congress Rolex log type new

Rolex log series in today there are new styles, one of the best is the new Rolex log type automatic men's clothing, its beauty is picturesque general. This year's March, Basel, replica watches uk log series of five new members, in the Basel world grand debut. Design unique charm and full of masculine youth masculine atmosphere, extremely sophisticated watch, its color and material is the perfect crystallization, exudes elegance refined temperament, which is a new type of Rolex men's log automatic gold-plated steel or platinum steel Style. Logical design: watch in accordance with the classic tradition of redesign, studded flashing magnificent gem, Mingyan charm without fear of time test, long beautiful and moving, bright moment to create the eternal legend. In the self-winding men's log original and elegant light distribution dial, inlaid with 10 eye-catching diamonds, studded with 46 precious diamond drill outer circle embraced, showing noble, elegant temperament, the new interpretation of gorgeous and moving, so that Each wearer was attracted to. Rolex log type new self-winding men's clothing Rolex Log Series Automatic winding men's log-type process: gorgeous, eye-catching, picturesque craft, all focused on the latest self-winding men's log-type body, flawless. Connected with all the Oyster-type watch the same excellence, with constant swing pendulum thallium two-way self-winding and waterproof system. rolex replica log series Automatic winding Men's log-type movement: Wear this magnificent and excellent both watch, can enjoy the bright now, and embrace the eternal light. Fully sealed Rolex-type case with a new type of movement to give the best protection. 3155 movement - advanced precision timepieces, calendar type equipped with fully developed by the Rolex self-winding mechanical movement 3155 movement. As with all constant movement, the Model 3155 has received official accreditation. The certificate is issued exclusively to precision watches successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The structure of this movement and all Oyster-type movement is the same, are accurate and reliable. As the heart of the watch parts, the balance wheel with a replica watches PARACHROM patent blue gossamer, a unique alloy to create their own. This gossamer is not subject to magnetic interference, when the temperature is still very stable, than the traditional gossamer seismic force ten times higher.