Software Development

In addition to our products we are offering of developing your own solutions. The aim of the Customized Solutions division is to enhance the benefits. Clients can achieve by adopting a tailored approach to rolex replica the management of their internal and external data and creating a complete tailor-made solution only for them.

On the other hand, the market is full with off-the-shelf software. Below is a brief comparison between Off-the-Shelf Software and Customized Solution to give you an clear picture of the difference between both the types.

Advantages of Customized Solutions:

> You will get exactly What you need in rolex replica watches terms of features, reports, queries and so on
> Being Involved in the development offers a further level of control over the results
> Cost effective for a long term.
> Reducing the risk of System failure.
> More easy and flexibility for future modification and enhancements.

Disadvantages of Readymade Systems

> You are forcing to purchase some features of the system that you do not need to use at all.
> Lack of important required features will cost you more money for modification of the modules.
> Software may not match with your current business process models.
> Such software usually will not fulfill the need of business in long run.

IT Consultancy

We are consulting practice organization specializing in the deployment and integration of software solutions for the Companies plus offering a variety of software consulting services suitable for all types of businesses. INFOPARK engages an experienced team of rolex replica business managers with expertise in developing systems and procedures to ensure that your business system functions efficiently and accurately. Our business Functional managers have years of practical experience in senior management roles in a variety of organizations.

Web Site Design

We realize the importance of Website in modern business world; and thats the reason we never compromise on quality. We deliver you top quality design service, real fast! We guarantee that our work will make your company stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a long lasting impression on your clients. We offer packages for all types of businesses. Our Pricing begins with Start up Package for small business and ends with Ultimate Package for businesses in need of ultimate branding. Whatever your choice is, we assure that you will be amazed by our creativity.